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Attempting to commit an offence. Top of page Send this. Submitting the same paper for two courses. Concoction (Including false or misleading references in your work or making up facts.) Copying material from an online source like Wikipedia but citing a scholarly journal instead of your real source. The final section gives advice on how academic misconduct is handled, and what to do if you have been accused of academic misconduct: Finally, find out how much you know with our academic misconduct quiz. This section will show you what academic misconduct is, when it usually happens, and how to avoid it. Before we look at the details, take note of the three rules which should guide you throughout your academic career.

Student Life Centre if you have been affected by mental or physical illness, or problems such as bereavement. With these rules in mind, the following pages give more detailed guidance on different kinds of academic misconduct and how to avoid them.

This sort of cheating is known as 'personation' and is treated very seriously by the university. You will find more detailed definitions and information about academic misconduct in your. Examination and Assessment handbook. The three golden rules for avoiding academic misconduct. Remember that all the work you submit has to be your own. If you refer to another person's work, you must acknowledge it properly. Student Mentors and RLF Writers in Residence also offer free assistance. If you are suffering from difficult personal circumstances, don't keep it to yourself. You can receive confidential help from the. Academic misconduct at the University of Toronto is defined by the. Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. Generally, academic misconduct is any behaviour, intentional or otherwise, that gives a student unearned or unfair advantage in academic work over other students. Your School will tell you which referencing system to use. Trust: Your tutors and fellow students can trust you to be honest about the work you produce and submit for assessment. Unauthorized aid or assistance Working too closely with another student on an individual assignment so that the end result is too similar. Receiving any editing help that results in the work no longer being your own. This is a form of fraud! Altering a graded assignment and submitting it for re-grading. Altering or falsifying an academic record/transcript from a different institution. Possession of an unauthorized aid (Having an unauthorized aid on you in any test or exameven if you do not use it or it is turned off.) Cell phone Calculator that. Continuing to work on an test/exam after being told to stop. Lying about having submitted an essay electronically that never reaches your professor. Misrepresenting the reasons for missing a test or examination, or for submitting work late. This section will show you what academic misconduct is, when it usually happens, and how to avoid it. Before we look at the details, take note of the three rules which should guide you throughout your academic career. Responsibility: You take responsibility for your own learning and follow the University of Sussex Academic Integrity values and assessment regulations. Watch the videos on the Academic Integrity website on Study Direct to learn more. Top of Page DO NOT USE FOOTNOTES : Footnoting, although commonly done in books and other literary writing, is only rarely done in journal style papers. Cite references in the flow of the text as shown above. Are there any important issues? What about terrorism and what is really fueling this irrational behavior? What about religious fanaticism? What about flagrant corruption on the American business scene? What about police brutality? While holding positions in the administrative field for the last 10 years, I have developed the aptitude to quickly adapt to the work methods and routines of my employers. My past experiences working in administration and handling office affairs, along with various other professional settings has prepared me to tackle a wide range of obstacles and. Describing and presenting relevant achievements in your CV Explaining disabilities, difficulties, redundancies, etc., in CVs. Presenting highly desirable attributes to progressive employers - give yourself a special advantage. Keep your curriculum vitae simple. Omitting information from an academic record. Assisting another student to commit an offence Letting your friend see your completed assignment so that he/she can compare answers with yours. Leaving your test paper visible so your friend can copy answers.

Educate yourself! The Code divides academic offences into nine categories: Altering, forging or falsifying documents other than academic records (B.I.1.a) Possession or use of unauthorized aids (B.I.1.b) Impersonation (B.I.1.c) Plagiarism (B.I.1.d) Submission of work for which credit has previously been obtained (B.I.1.e) Submission of work containing purported statement(s) of fact or reference(s) to concocted sources (B.I.1.f).

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