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In 1993, the cultivable land was estimated at 5.94 million ha, or 32 of the total area of the country. The cultivated land was estimated at 4.94 million ha, which is 83 of the cultivable area. The assessment of agricultural water use is based on the assumption that the maximum water requirement is about 13 450 m/ha per year. The treatment of domestic wastewater is carried out mainly in the towns of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Salamieh. Irrigation in the Middle East region in figures AQUASTAT Survey 2008. 34. Near East. 27. Economy, agriculture and food security. 29. Water resources. 31. Irrigation in the Middle East region in figures AQUASTAT Survey 2008. irrigation and water resources officer in the Regional Office for the Near East, and. Kuwait. GEOGRAPHY AND POPULATION. Kuwait, with a total area of 17 820 km, lies at the head of the Persian Gulf. It is bordered in the north and north-west.

Actual population growth is 3.3. In 1993, agriculture employed around 22.5 of the total labour force, accounted for nearly 28 of GDP and 60 of non-oil exports. CLIMATE AND WATER RESOURCES Climate Syria's climate is Mediterranean with continental influence: cool rainy winters and warm dry summers, with relatively short spring and autumn seasons.

Title: Irrigation in the near east region in figures. while the seventh, Fujairah, is situated on the eastern coast of the peninsula and has direct access to the Gulf. Syria. GEOGRAPHY AND POPULATION. Syria, with a total area of 185 180 km, is bordered in the north by Turkey, in the east and southeast by Iraq, in the. Spate irrigation area - ha 3. Equipped wetland and inland valley bottoms (i.v.b.) - ha Total irrigation ( ha - as of cultivated area 21 4. Flood recession cropping area - ha Total water managed area (1234) ha - as of cultivated area 21 - increase over last power irrigated area as of water managed area. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food. Major rivers entering, bordering and leaving Syria Name of river Inflow into Syria (km/year) Outflow from Syria (km/year) from natural actual to natural agreement Euphrates Turkey 26.29 15.75 Iraq 30 9 Tributaries of Euphrates Turkey 1.74 1.74 - Afrin Turkey 0.19 0.19 Turkey 0.25 Orontes, El Kebir Lebanon 0.51 0.43 1.2 Yarmouk - - Jordan 0.4. Administratively, the country is divided into 14 governorates, one of which being the capital Damascus. The country can be divided into 4 physiographic regions: the coastal region between the mountains and the sea; the mountains and the highlands extending from north to south parallel to the Mediterranean coast; the plains, or interior, located east of the. Large parts of Syria are exposed to high variability in daily temperature. The maximum difference in daily temperature can be as high as 32C in the interior and about 13C in the coastal region. A breakdown of surface water entering, bordering and leaving the country is given in the Table below (page 230). TABLE 3 - Irrigation and drainage Irrigation potential ha Irrigation: 1. Full or partial control irrigation: equipped area ha - surface irrigation ha - sprinkler irrigation ha - micro-irrigation ha of area irrigated from groundwater 1993 60.2. It forms the Al-Assad lake with a storage capacity of 11.2 km. Medium-sized dams include the Al-Rastan (225 million m the Mouhardeh (50 million m) and the Taldo (15.5 million m). Lake Qattineh near Homs is the main perennial lake in Syria. Water withdrawal Total annual water withdrawal in Syria in 1993 was estimated at 14.41 km/year, of which agricultural use accounted for 94 (Figure 1). As pues estaban peleando ambos caballeros con las espadas levantadas y con rostros impasibles, el vizcaino ataca hierendole en una oreja y rompindole la armadura a la altura del hombro. Don Quijote enfurecido ataca tirndole del caballo e hiriendole la cara al vizcaino. Pros It is not provided with software. Cons Please send the key to Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) 3 stars "crystal reports 2008 product key" Version: SAP Crystal Reports, Developer XI. He continued to believe in Selenas talent and did whatever he could to assist her. Music became the Quintanillas sole source of income as Selena Y Los Dinos traveled to various clubs and restaurants and performed at weddings and other special occasions. Something in their songs and images appealed to everybody who wanted to become free as a bird. Their songs carrying powerful ideas of real love, peace, help, imagination and freedom evoked creativity and contributed to breaking chains and walls in the minds of millions. The Tigris, which is the second most important river in the counay, borders the country to the east and has a mean annual flow of 18 km. Total natural average outflow from Syria is 31.975 km/year, of which an agreement exists for 9.2 km, resulting in a total of actual external surface water resources for Syria.

There are some 20 dams classified as small, the largest of which is the Dara'a, with a storage capacity of 15 million m. The majority of these dams are located near Homs and Hama.

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