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Crossover Type or art that continues from one page of a book or magazine across the gutter to the opposite page. Also called bridge, gutter bleed and gutter jump. Cut Sizes Paper sizes used with office machines and small presses. Cyan One of the four process colors. Also known as process blue. Deckle Edge Edge of paper left ragged as it comes from the papermaking machine instead of being cleanly cut. They are always helpful and knowledgeable, help me work with my budget and deliver the jobs on. Read more There were two team members in the store who were so helpful and kind. Page One side of a leaf in a publication. Page Count Total number of pages that a publication has. Also called extent. Page Proof Proof of type and graphics as they will look o. Midtones In a photograph or illustration, tones created by dots between 30 percent and 70 percent of coverage, as compared to highlights and shadows. Mottle Spotty, uneven ink absorption. Also called sinkage.

Also called docket, production order and work order. Jogger A vibration machine with a slopping platform to even-up stacks of printed materials. Laminate A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to usually a thick stock (covers, post cards, etc.) providing protection against liquid and heavy use, and usually accents existing color, providing a glossy (or lens).

Also called feather edge. Density (1) Regarding ink, the relative thickness of a layer of printed ink. (2) Regarding color, the relative ability of a color to absorb light reflected from it or block light passing through it. Collate To organize printed matter in a specific order as requested. Color Correct. To adjust the relationship among the process colors to achieve desirable colors. Color Curves Instructions in computer software that allow users to change or correct colors. Ink coverage is usually expressed as light, medium or heavy. Cover Paper Category of thick paper used for products such as posters, menus, folders and covers of paperback books. Creep Phenomenon of middle pages of a folded signature extending slightly beyond outside pages. Read more Everyone there was courteous and quick. Could not be happier with the service the team gave to me. The manager is always available as well. Read more The team members at this store are fantastic. Parts of covers are often described as follows: Cover 1outside front; Cover 2inside front; Cover 3inside back, Cover 4outside back. Coverage Extent to which ink covers the surface of a substrate. Dot Gain Phenomenon of halftone dots printing larger on paper than they are on films or plates, reducing detail and lowering contrast. Also called dot growth, dot spread and press gain. Film Laminate Thin sheet of plastic bonded to a printed product for protection or increased gloss. Finished Size Size of product after production is completed, as compared to flat size. Also called trimmed size. Page One side of a leaf in a publication. Page Count Total number of pages that a publication has. Also called extent. Page Proof Proof of type and graphics as they will look o. More About Duck Dynasty T-Shirt - XL Club Red. From his ideas on beavers to blowing things up, it s all si -intistic.   tags: hinduism, Trinidad an. John Weinheimer, a WDFW biologist in Vancouver, offers these suggestions: Goose Lake: This mountain lake in Skamania County was stocked at the end of August with about 2,000 coastal cutthroat, averaging almost a pound and a quarter apiece. NOTE 4: You can change the archive log destination of a database on-line with the ARCHIVE LOG START TO 'directory statement. This statement is often used to switch archiving between a set of directories. Also called short grain paper and wide web paper. Graphics Visual elements that supplement type to make printed messages more clear or interesting. Grind Edge Alternate term for binding edge when referring to perfect bound products.

Bounce (1) a repeating registration problem in the printing stage of production. (2) Customer unhappy with the results of a printing project and refuses to accept the project. Bristol Paper. General term referring to paper 6 points or thicker with basis weight between 90# and 200# (200-500 gsm).

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