While praising Justice Scalia for his originalist analysis that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to arms for purposes of personal and collective self-defense, the article mainly considers the exceptions to this right identified by Justice Scalia in dicta-which Lund quite reasonably fears will be followed by lower courts in future cases that the Supreme.

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53-202w. Large capacity magazines. Definitions. Sale, transfer or possession prohibited. Exceptions. Sec. 53-202x. Declaration of possession of large capacity magazine. Regulations. Secs. 53-202y and 53-202z. Reserved Sec. 53-202aa. Firearms trafficking: Class C or B felony.

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The chart below includes the bare minimum information you need to make a proper buying decision, while the downloadable spreadsheet will provide you with a little more detail. Any snow blower from our buying guide will satisfy your needs as long as you buy from the proper category depending on your snow removal needs and geographic location.

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