Официальное объявление о распаде WHAM! былосделано во время концерта на стадионе Уэмбли летом 1986 года перед 72-тысячнойаудиторией. За совсем короткий срок существования WHAM! (всего четыре года)был установлен настоящий рекорд. Их пластинки разошлись по миру тиражом40 миллионов (!) экземпляров.

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This being the case, you should make it a point to state opinions that oppose yours. By doing this you are telling the reader that you have considered the opposing views.

The Crimson Skull (1921) and The Bull Dogger (1923). Arguably the most famous rodeo performer of all time, Pickett died in 1932 after being kicked in the head by a horse.

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The charges against Shakur were dismissed. In late 1993, he formed the group Thug Life with a few of his friends, including Big Syke, Macadoshis, his step-brother Mopreme, and Rated R.

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